KGC Hawaii Firearms Safety Training



Required Training for a Handgun Permit



Next KGC Hawaii Firearms Safety Training Course is Saturday, February 27, 2021.



Contact Roni @ 808-246-1728 or visit the store to register.


Completing the KGC Hawaii Firearms Safety Training Orientation / Live Fire Training will serve as substitute for the State of Hawaii Hunter Education Program when applying for a “permit to acquire” a handgun within the State of Hawaii.  See HRS 134-2 for more information.


Course lecture is done in a group setting. 


In the “hands-on” portion of the course all students will be trained to show competence in the safe handling practice (loading, unloading and operation) of five types of pistols.  The types of pistols studied are: Single-Action Revolver; Double-Action Revolver; Single-Action Semi-Automatic Pistol; Double-Action Semi-Automatic Pistol; Striker-Fire Semi-Automatic Pistol.


Once all students demonstrate safe handling practices with all pistol types the students fire each pistol type from the sitting and standing firing position.  The pistol calibers fired will be 22 Long Rifle, 9mm Luger and 38 Smith & Wesson Special.  Firing the 22 Long Rifle handguns are mandatory, all others are optional.  All required firearms, ammunition and targets will be provided by the instructor staff.