KGC Defensive Foundations Course


Next KGC Defensive Foundations Course will be Saturday, TBD, 2018


Contact Roni @ 808-246-1728 or visit the store to register.

​We are hosting a beginner /intermediate / advanced training day for handgun owners on February 3, 2018.  Our primary focus will be to demonstrate and practice drills which directly build pistol handling and self-protection principles 

All shooters are welcomed regardless of skill level (provided you possess the required equipment listed below).   The class is divided up into shooter relays according to observed shooter proficiency.  Beginner shooters, intermediate shooters and advanced shooters are paired up so the instructor staff may dynamically tailor the course difficulty to adequately challenge each shoot group. 

Beginner students will learn and practice pistol fundamentals directly related to competent handgun operation focusing on shooting stance, shooting grip, handgun presentation and sight alignment.

Intermediate students will learn and practice shooting drills which focus on sight alignment, emergency reloads, tactical reloads and trigger reset.

Advanced students will learn and practice shooting concepts which focus on malfunction clearances, target focused presentation, scanning and assessing, incapacitation zone shooting and one-hand shooting.

Ultimately each student’s goal should be to master fundamental pistol craft in efforts to attend our specialty programs which focus on use case training like home defense, advanced pistol operation, moving and shooting, force-on-force shooting.


We have a 21 Student Limit for this class.  The course cost is $120 which is about 1/3 the going rate of competitor programs.  

How To Register:

1.     This event is open to the public, please share the invite with your interested friends

2.     Please review the required training needed to attend this event and make sure you meet the training requirement before registering.

3.     Please review the required equipment list and ensure you possess the required equipment before registering.

4.     If you meet the pre-reqs to attend you may hold a spot for the event by submitting a payment in full for the event.  You may stop by the shop in person, mail a check or pay via CC over the phone to the shop (CC fees paid by the attendee).

*All events are first come first serve.

*All money paid for events are non-refundable if you register and miss the event

*Forum users see the events first and have the first chance to register.  Registering on the forum will allow the attendee to hold a spot and give them one week grace period to pay.

Required Training Needed to Register:

- Attendees, at a minimum, must have completed any general firearms safety program in the past

- We will honor other training programs on a case by case basis.  Please work with Jason, Preston or Roni if asking for an exception

Required Equipment Needed for Registration:


-3ea Magazines

-OWB holster

-OWB Magazine Pouch


-Approx. 200 rounds commercial ammo from JGB Arms, LLC

-Impact rated eye protection

-Electronic hearing protection

-Food and water

-Rain gear

-Insect repellent 

* (ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS) If you do not have all of the required items needed, you will NOT be able to participate.

Schedule for Event Day:

0730 – Gates Open

0800 – Gates Closed

0815 – All attendees must be checked in with Roni

0820 – Safety Briefing and CoF Review

0830 – Class Begins

1130 – Lunch

Approx 1600 – Class Ends